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Anderson Legal Document Services, LLC


Legal counseling can be more expensive than you think, which can leave many in distress and in discouragement in regard to the life situation awaiting them. In light of this, Anderson Legal Document Services, LLC offers low-cost, affordable, document preparation services quickly and efficiently for your court documents, special applications, and more. Our rates are simple and will save you a ton of money that we can help you invest in other areas. We will also save you time  through our ability to complete our  processes completely online or by phone. Anderson Legal Document Services, LLC will also notarize all of your court documents if it is required. More significantly, we will assist you during the entire paperwork process and help you progress towards your personal and professional goals for the lowest cost possible. Our economic strategies guarantee that!

Along with legal document preparation  services, Anderson Legal Document Services, LLC has expanded into providing ALDS Special Support Services for families, business owners, contractors, non-profit organizations, and career professionals in our coastal communities. Our ALDS Special Support Services Catalog now has over 100 virtual products and services extending between Atlanta, Ga to Jacksonville, FL

Business & Financial Documents

Affidavit of Identity

Affidavit of Service

Affidavit of Title

Arbitration Agreement

Articles of Incorporation

Assignment of Partnership Interest

Balance Sheet

Bill of Lading

Bill of Sale (Boat, Firearm, Horse, Vehicle)

Business Contract

Business Purchase Agreement

Buy-Sell Agreement

Cease and Desist Letter

Construction Contract Agreement

End User License Agreement

Hold Harmless Agreement

Joint Venture Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement

Letter of Intent

Licensing Agreement

Mechanics Lien

Meeting Minutes

Memorandum of Understanding

Non-Compete Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Operating Agreement

Partnership Agreement

Photo Licensing Agreement

Photo Release Form

Privacy Agreement

Profit and Loss Statement

Purchase Order

Release of Liability

Sales Agreement

Scope of Work

Shareholder Agreement

Stock Certificate

Stock Purchase Agreement

Terms of Use Agreement

Tolling Agreement

Tolling Manufacturing Agreement

Trademark Assignment Agreement


Landlord-Tenant Service

Co-Habitation Agreement

Damage Assessment

Eviction Notice

Monthly Lease Agreement

Roommate Agreement

Stop Eviction


Tenant Eviction

Property Inspection

Property Management

Rental Applications

Sublease Agreement

Tenant Damage Suit

Small Claims and Civil Litigation Service

Automobile Accident Payments

Automobile Fixture Conflicts

Automobile Sales Fraud

Bad Check/Stop Payment

Breach of Contract

Financial Fraud

Homeowners Association Fees

Personal Injury

Refusal to Pay You Back

Security Deposit Refund

Store Failing to Replace

Tenant Damages

Family and Children Service

Birth Certificate Request

Birth Certificate Modification

Child Custody Agreements

Child Support Modification

Child Visitation Plans/Schedule

Co-Parenting Plan

Divorce Petition

Divorce Settlement Agreement

Guardianship Establishment

Last Will and Testament

Living Will

Marital-Legal Separation Agreement

Name Change

Father's Rights Services

Foster Child Recovery Services

Paternity Establishment

Prenuptial Agreement

Power of Attorney

Quit Claim Deed

Special Applications and Forms

Green Cards

Immigration Applications

Work Permits


U.S. Citizenship

Social Security Benefits

Veteran's Disability Benefits

Unemployment Compensation

Tax Forms

Click here to browse the ALDS Special Support Catalog

Preparing and filing your own forms with the help of professionals can dramatically reduce your litigation costs!  

More Importantly...

There are a number of court forms that could be used to progress your life forward today.

There are a number of court forms that could be used to reach your goals.

There are a number of court forms could be used to bring order in your personal world.

There are a number of court forms that could make you legit. 

ALDS is diligent in paperwork processing, whether the paperwork is legal or non-legal. Here we will assist and help you file the appropriate documents and applications needed to make the steps to life improvement, your business, and your family with professional partners of peace, prosperity, and production.

Below are are some examples of court forms and/or documents that may apply to you and the change that you may need to make. If you do not need paralegal services or court forms, then navigate to our ALDS Special Support Catalog. All documents that manifest from the catalog services and products will be insulated by the legal document preparers of ALDS. This is the benefit with working with us.

"We get it all in writing!"