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Welcome to the ALDS Special Support Catalog!

How to Use the ALDS Catalog

Once you have discovered your ALDS Catalog Code, you can then inquire or order it online or in-person with our coastal ALDS Support Specialist. Your ALDS Support Specialist will be your primary point of contact for the fulfillment of your order. You will be guided through the remaining portion of your order and purchase with your ALDS Support Specialist. Every engagement with your ALDS Special Support Specialist will be done privately, confidentially, and securely.

After your free, electronic consultation with ALDS, you will be quoted the best, flat-rate to continue with the specialized, individual support of ALDS in regard to your product or service. You will also be presented with ALDS Special Membership and special discount options in order to guarantee the lowest price possible.

Below is your snapshot of itemized ALDS Special Support Services and Products.  

All ALDS Special Support Services & Creative Consultations are


1. “ADHD Creative Insight- Youth” ACI-1

2. “ADHD Creative Insight-Adult” ACI-2

3. “All Out Birthdays” AOB

4. “Assess Risk Management” ARM

5. “Attract Different Crowd” AMC|

6. “Become More Spiritual” BMS

7. “Biz Starter Pack” BIZ

8. “Budget My Money” BMM

9. “Build An Organization” BAO

10. “Build My Brand” BMB

11. “Change For Better” CFB

12. “Chase My Dream” CMD

13. “Contract A Consultant” CAC

14. “Create A Website” CAW

15. “Create Business Appeal” CBA

16. “Create Marketing Materials” CMM

17. “Create Online Store” COS

18. “Creative Baby Shower” CBB

19. “Creative Date Night” CDN

20. “Creative Dinner Party” CDP

21. “Creative Educational Tutoring” CET

22. “Creative Parenting Advice” CPA

23. “Creative Premarital Coaching” CPC

24. “Creative Staffing Solutions” CSS

25. “Creative Training Seminars” CTS

26. “Creative Wedding Planning” CWP

27. “Creative Wedding Reception” CWR

28. “Creatively Impact Students” CIS

29. “Decrease My Overhead” DMO

30. “Design An Obituary” DAO

31. “Develop My Employees” DME

32. “Draw My Logo” DML

33. “Dynamic Resume Development” DRP

34. “Economical Interior Design” EID

35. “Enhance My Communication” EMC

36. “Enhance My Environment” EME

37. “Enhance My Product(s)” EMP

38. “Expand My Business” EMB

39. “Extreme Marketing Strategies” EMS

40. “Fashion Stylist Talk” FST

41. “Find Ideal Partner” FIP

42. “General Business Consultation” GB1

43. “General Personal Consultation” GP3

44. “General Professional Consultation” GP2

45. “Get New Clients“ GNC

46. “Hair & Beauty” HAB

47. “Heal My Marriage” HMH

48. “Help Deliver Content” HDC

49. “Help Lease Property” HLP

50. “Help Me Achieve” HMA

51. “Help Me Advertise” HMA

52. “Help Me Move" HMM

53. “Help My Child Succeed” HMC

54. “Help Raise Funds” HRH

55. “Help With Enrollment” HWE

56. “Host Creative Workshop” HAW

57. “Host Holiday Event” HHE

58. “Improve Leadership Style” ILS

59. “Improve My Career” IMC

60. “Improve My Public Image” IPI

61. “Incorporate Social Media” MSM

62. “Increase Business Ethics” IBE

63. “Increase My Profits” IMP

64. “In-Person Business Assessment” IBA

65. “Inspect My Establishment” IME

66. “It’s Our Anniversary” IOA

67. “Keep Good Employees “ KGE

68. “Life Coaching Services” LCS

69. “Make Myself Over” MMO

70. “Make New Friends” MNF

71. “Manage a Project” MAP

72. “Manage Customer Relations” ACR

73. “Manage Online Reviews” MOR

74. “Master Cover Letter” MCL

75. “May-December Relationship” MDR

76. “Motivational Speaker Visit (Adult)” MSV-A

77. “Motivational Speaker Visit (Youth)” MSV-Y

78. “Obtain Paralegal Services” OPS

79. “Obtain Virtual Assistance” OVA

80. “Open A Business” OAB

81. “Organize My Data” OMD

82. “Organize My Inventory” OMI

83. “Organize Religious Event” ORE

84. “Outperform My Colleagues” HMP

85. “Personal Photo Shoot” PPS

86. “Plan A Vacation” PAV

87. “Plan Creative Event” PCE

88. “Plan Girl’s Night” PGN

89. “Prepare My Taxes” PMT

90. “Professional Formal Letter” PFL

91. “Promote My Business” PMB

92. “Relationship Coaching Services” RCS

93. “Renew Our Vows” ROV

94. “Renovate My Business” RMB

95. “SAHM Support Service” SSS

96. “Secure My Job” SMJ

97. “Stiff-Out Competition” SOC

98. “Surprise My Partner”

99. “Talent and Image Enhancement” TIE

100. “Target New Customers “ TNC

101. “Use My Education” UME

102. “Video Record Event” VRE

103. “Work From Home” WFH

104. To Be Continued. Check for monthly updates!

How does pricing work?

After inquiry of your selected ALDS Catalog Code(s) from the Special Support Catalog, an ALDS Support Specialist will quote you a rate for your selected service or product. Some items in the catalog require materials that can increase the costs of the proposed ALDS solution plan. All ALDS Special Support Services and Document Preparation Services are under $100 USD. We do the most for your money and offer a plethora of special discounts!

Debit/Credit Cards, Personal/Business Checks, Money Order By Mail, In-Person Cash Payment, Cash App, Paypal, Zelle. Payment options will be provided in your quote or invoice.

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With your selections from the ALDS Catalog

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Order From the ALDS Catalog Today

If you would like to make an inquiry about an ALDS Special Support Service from our ALDS Catalog, then please take a moment to fill out the form below. 

(All catalog services and products range from $20 USD - $100 USD.

All taxes and fees included. )

You will receive an immediate quote by your indicated contact preference and receive your catalog product or service after receiving your payment.

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Please indicate your nearest location in order to be contacted by the ALDS Special Support Specialist nearest to you. After you submit this form, you will be contacted promptly and will receive the details and payment options of your order.
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