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Anderson Legal Document Services, LLC

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The Wick 2.0

127 F Street

Suite 221
Brunswick, GA 31520

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(912) 289-1112

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Mon-Fri: 9:00 am-3:00 pm
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"By the power vested in non-attorney roles, we will empower our neighbors, our businesses, and our entrepreneurs, with the strategic tools to evolve and cause our heritages to be esteemed by our communities, tourists, and competitors."

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Anderson Legal Document Services, LLC is a small, private, family-owned business founded in historical, Coastal Georgia that is not only a paralegal office, but a bridge within the community. 

After proper analysis and assessment of our A.L.D.S. customers, we have expanded our rendered services to broader horizons. Not only do we prepare, notarize, and file, all of your legal court documents, we also insulate our small businesses, military personnel, independent contractors, and pro se litigants with paralegal and entrepreneurial expertise in order to produce competitive success within our historical Golden Isles Community. Becoming a member of "ALDS" comes with great, low-cost benefits that will guarantee a winning situation for those involved with a company that is passionate towards achieving success for self-driven people. 

What We Do At A.L.D.S...

Before you begin the many processes at Anderson Legal Document Services and the ALDS Special Support Systemit is mandatory that you acknowledge that you understand that we are not attorneys and cannot give anyone legal advice. We do have a Supervising Attorney who will be able to consult with you and who will review your legal documents. We also do not require retainer agreements, deposits, or anything of that degree to engage with our special support services, products, experiences. Once you order it, we provide it.

The team at Anderson Legal Document Services, LLC is adamant about the progress, proficiency, and production of both our local and virtual communities. We have the technological and virtual tools surrounding our paralegal services that can be an advantage to those who are not necessarily in need of legal services alone. ALDS has gone a step further and developed separate, modernized options to create innovative, affordable solutions for the professional and personal growth of others as paralegals. Hire us to help you remain competitive in today's world. 

We at ALDS, LLC also believe that with the care and incorporation of convenience, major flexibility can alter someone's situation immediately, which is why the majority of your court documents or special support can be delivered, signed/completed online, in-person, or fully experienced on your computer, smart-phone, or tablet without taking your hard-earned money to help you make change with your life. We offer public engagements, creative learning workshops, classes, and video conferences. 

Consider attending our noted Golden Isles Tour-Workshops,  dinner parties, activity-filled seminars, adult tutoring sessions and many, many more. We also operate as a private and confidential company, so attending any ALDS Special Support Function is not required to take advantage of our specialized solutions

More Importantly...

Everything we do is all in writing, so meet with your trusted, paperwork professional in your area or online today!

"Helping Pro Se Litigants Fight!"

Call to book a free appointment, come in to fill out your court documents in the presence of a trusted, community paralegal. The public is also invited to attend a creative & customized workshops and learn the fundamentals of self-representation. 

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"Helping Small Businesses Succeed!"

Browse our innovative ALDS Catalog and partner up ALDS Special Support Services to implement creativity, simplicity, and partnership with a resourceful, small-company that will provide direct and virtual support to your organization, business, or agency today.

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         "Helping People Win!"

In whatever it is that you need to do, ALDS will do the hard work for you with our powerful virtual tools. We will walk you through all of our services and promise you real results in with our expansive paperwork and self-management tools. All of our consultations are free if charge.

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What Values Means For Us


We aim to gain justice for Pro Se Litigants who have been victimized, accused, and misunderstood by our legal system. We apply strategy and analysis to develop solutions to construct alternate pathways to leveling up through our ALDS Special Support Services.


We aim to have a helping hand in the growth of our diverse community and the preservation of those who have contributed to our phenomenal, local heritages in the Golden Isles and Coastal Georgia cultures. We want what everybody deserves and do not discriminate based on personal circumstances, social status, race, gender identity, or level of income. This includes man, woman, and child. There is self-representation and professional development available to everyone in America.


We aim to pair all ALDS paralegal and support services with legitimate compassion for those that are in need of real support, backed with the documentation skills that are commonly required of partnership and teamwork.


We aim to develop, protect, and maximize the distinctiveness that belongs to our customers with high-end competitive tools to secure long-term success, increased profits, and expansive possibilities.


The same discipline that is infiltrated in our American laws are likewise infiltrated within ALDS.


All actions completely by Anderson Legal Document Services, LLC are done diligently, decently, and in order..We believe that righteousness is required in order to gain successful rewards in court, business, and IN personal-professional living.